Sunday, August 3, 2008

Peter Temple and my religious achievements

Saint Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalists and writers
A lass who I once did a short course with let me know that Peter Temple was interviewed on The Book Show in connection with the Crime and Justice Festival. She was unaware of my blogging misstep so didn't pick up on the significance ... to me ... of this comment in the interview.

Temple: "So you learn to cut stuff very savagely and I was brutalised by these people (newspaper sub editors), there's no question about it. I'm thinking of demanding an apology. Many of my ex-students are demanding apologies from me, too. So...Mrs Underhill, I'm sorry."
God I feel bad now. I mean ... Mr Temple was the winner of the 2007 Duncan Lawrie Dagger award in the UK for his novel The Broken Shore. Mrs Underhill once received Dux of Year 8 for religion. And look where that has gotten her!


Dreamweaver said...

Ahahahahahahahhahahahahha! Will it never end?
You have struck a nerve no doubt. Whose nerve am not sure. Yours or his?

Mrs Underhill said...

I know I know but I promise I am leaving this alone now!