Monday, October 27, 2008

Bon Voyage

Today someone emailed me and asked about the trip. What a different a week makes. That trip seems like it took place in another galaxy compared to the journey Mr U and I have undergone since then. Sadly Mrs U senior has passed away. Life, as we know, has momentarily come to a stop. She was the life of many parties, I know because I have found the photos. The phone won't stop ringing with people who wish to join us and celebrate the astounding, jet setting, adventure packed, courageous and outrageous life she lived. "You go girl" is what I say!

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The Tin House said...

Hi Jaq,

I'd be happy to be an interview guinea pig. I'm quite used to sounding like a twit, so being at the mercy of an elegant wordsmith such as yourself can only improve my image.

you can contact me directly like this:

fitzgeraldsmt at bigpond dot com

(written out long hand to dissuade spybots from spamming me)

Lisa x