Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The book club is a happening thing

Hi there handful of book club members.

Our first book is BRIDESHEAD REVISITED by Evelyn Waugh.

We will give ourselves two months to get hold of this book and read it. Obviously we are inspired by the re-make of the movie but, on alll accounts, it sounds like it pales in comparison to the 1980s mini series. Perhaps we can have a marathon viewing session of this when the book is finished.

Time Magazine included Brideshead Revisited in its list of 'All-time 100 Novels' which is good enough for me.
We will be ready for online chat about the book week commencing 19 January.

Happy reading!


minerva said...

Is the bookclub open to anyone? I have been inspired to contact you from the Spiritual Business blog today and have been wanting to join a bookclub for ages. Plus I already have a copy of Brideshead Revisted!

The Tin House said...
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Mrs Underhill said...

Dear Minerva
The book club is most definitely open to anyone. We would love you to join us. I have just started the book and cannot wait to explore it with others.
Welcome aboard!
Mrs Underhill

Mrs Underhill said...

Minverva I couldn't follow the link to your blog. What is it m'lady?

minerva said...

Dear Mrs. Underhill I would love to join your book group and will get onto the reading now. Actually saw a snippet of the original TV series on Foxtel last night - strangely enough Jeremy Irons doesn't look any younger!!
The only reason I signed up on this blogger site was to send you a message. But now that I am subscribed, I may as well start. It is something I have been thinking of doing for a while but am still a bit a of blog novice. Looking forward to talking to you more re books and all sorts. Minerva

Mrs Underhill said...

Ah Minerva
I am so excited to have a new pal in the fold. I am enjoying the book much more than I expected. I trust you have some suggestions of books we can all tackle together down the track.
Jeremy Irons gives one an uneasy feel ever since he was in that flick about the homicidal twins for a penchant for Gynaecology.

minerva said...

Dear Mrs. Underhill likewise I am so pleased to be enfolded! Will start thinking of some potential books to include on the list. Like you I am enjoying the book more than I thought I would, but just can't get creepy Jeremy Irons out of my head. Will be sure to avoid that film - luckily I haven't seen it. Minerva

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