Thursday, June 12, 2008

Giving good quote

Last night, whilst making Dreamweaver’s Tuna casserole with fresh tuna, I had the USA TV show, The NEWSHOUR with Jim Lehrer (, on in the background. Good old Kofi Annan was being interviewed. I don’t know about those corruption stories surrounding his son etc from a while back but that man has grace; he should be the Captain on the Enterprise or the guy Obe One Kenobi turned to when he needed a mentor.

Anyhoo, he was discussing Robert Mugabe and the situation in Zimbabwe and, while everything was very grim and sombre he did pipe up with: “Zimbabwe used to be described as the bread basket of Africa, now it’s just a basket case.” Kofi made a funny!

And, as for a good quote about writing that I heard Stephen King give (yes I am broad in my tastes, not just my arse) his was something like (good, accurate reportage here): “Fiction is what you get when you bounce imagination against reality.” Anyway if I listen to the podcast again I’ll try and get it straight. Geesh.

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