Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reports of my death have been exaggerated

Okay it probably seems like I have lost interest in this blog. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact I have been caught between keeping the wolf from the door with plenty of commercial writing tasks as well as catching up – a lot – with long lost writing pals who I’ve met over recent years.

In a way I am looking for some inspiration – a bright light in these foggy Melbourne mornings – that will guide me to the best possible path for the second half of 2008.

I believe – Good lord willing and the creek don’t rise – that hay has been made in the warmer, earlier months of this year and soon some quieter times can be had where I can play around with words for my own amusement more than for invoice generation. We’ll see.

Even today I actually have ONE MILLION things I would like to blog about – a fabulous one hour conversation with the author of The Northern Lights (AKA the movie called The Golden Compass) that had me riveted not to mention numerous book purchases, interesting conversations overheard, topics on the telly and goodness knows what. Alas, they’ll have to wait for the long weekend. My creative juices are currently being siphoned into unravelling information about a custom made blind business in New Zealand and, more interestingly, an eight girl dinner party I am throwing on Friday night.

Thank God it will be me destroying someone else’s home by Sunday when Mr C throws what I know will be a divine house warming/new housemate warming party with, I hope, plenty of camp abandon.

So I look forward to Monday, the Queen’s Birthday after all (how appropriate Mr C), when I can put hungover fingers to keyboard to blog blog blog. And, at least, I have finally finished Anne Rice's The Feast of All Saints which was bloody long. I enjoyed it though. Not a vampire or anything vaguely supernatural in sight. And now I can get cracking with Geraldine Brooks’ People of the Book which I started last night and am already enchanted by. YAY!

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